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Jelly Roll Morton Collection

Higher Level Record: MSS 500
Call Number: MSS 509
Title: Jelly Roll Morton Collection
Creator: Russell, William, 1905-1992 (collector)
Morton, Jelly Roll (Composer)
Carew, Roy (publisher)
Hammond, Merrill (Author)
Simeon, Omer (Author)
Smith, Charles Edward (Author)
Pachmann, Vladimir de (signatory)
Schiedt, Duncan P. (photographer)
Smith, Stephen W. (signatory)
Selden, Edgar (lyricist)
Ingraham, Herbert (composer)
Berlin, Irving (composer)
Smith, Harrison (lyricist)
Mares, Paul (composer)
Spikes, John C. (Composer)
Spikes, Reb (composer)
Cloud, Bob (composer)
Cook, J. Lawrence (Arranger)
Garrison, Ben (Composer)
Eigel, Jean (Lyricist)
Desdume, Mamie (Composer)
Werac, Ed (Lyricist)
Roppolo, Leon (Composer)
Melrose, Walter (Lyricist)
Crawley, Wilton (Composer)
Tempo-Music Publishing Co. (publishers)
Date of Creation: 1871-1983
Predominant Dates: 1914-1941
Extent: 68 items
Object Name: Christmas cards
clippings (information artifacts)
business cards
catalogs (documents)
postage stamps
receipts (financial records)
marriage certificates
drivers' licenses
death certificates
sheet music
Collection Type: Archival & Special Collections
Documents & Correspondence
Language: English
Biography/History: Born Russell William Wagner, Bill Russell (1905-1992) was an American music historian, collector, musician, and modernist composer. He was an authority on early New Orleans-style jazz, and the founder of American Music Records.
Scope and Content: This series of the William Russell Jazz Collection includes a variety of items having to do with Jelly Roll Morton and other musicians. Included are the original copy of Morton's will and a copy of his death certificate, his contract with RCA Manufacturing Co. to record an album (1939), legal documents from his family (a birth registration receipt and a marriage license), ephemera such as business cards, lyrics to an unfinished composition, a record catalog featuring Morton's albums, and clippings and publications with articles about Morton. The series also contains Russell's notes about the reproduction of Morton material in other series. There is a large amount of sheet music of compositions both by Morton and by others. In the material concerning other musicians there are two items pertaining to Vladimir de Pachmann (a photograph and an autographed musical quote), George Guesnon's New York driver's license, business cards of several musicians, and Christmas cards.
Arrangement: Organized into 7 sub-series: I. Correspondence, II. Clippings and Publication, III. Ephemera, IV. Financial and Legal Papers, V. Notes, VI. Photographs, VII. Sheet Music. Arrangement: Sheet music is arranged alphabetically by title; other sub-series arranged chronologically.
Title Note: William Russell Jazz Collection
Notes: Jelly Roll Morton Collection Series, William Russell Jazz Collection, MSS 509, Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection.
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Reproduction of original documents, when permitted, must be performed by the Williams Research Center staff.
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Collection Theme(s): Jazz
Subjects: Bertrand, Eugene
Greene, Robert S.
Armstrong, Lil Hardin, 1902-1971
Barbarin, Paul, 1899-1969 -- More information
Guesnon, George
Gonzales, Anita
Jackson, Tony, 1876-1921 -- More information
New York (N.Y.)
Washington (D.C.)
Jazz musicians
Accession Number: 92-48-L.409
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