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William Russell Jazz Files

Higher Level Record: MSS 500
Call Number: MSS 536
Title: William Russell Jazz Files
Creator: Russell, William, 1905-1992 (compiler)
Date of Creation: 1851-1992
Predominant Dates: 1950-1992
Extent: 4216 items
Object Name: clippings (information artifacts)
Christmas cards
sheet music
photographic prints
calendars (documents by form)
perpetual calendars
Collection Type: Archival & Special Collections
Documents & Correspondence
Language: English
Biography/History: Born Russell William Wagner, Bill Russell (1905-1992) was an American music historian, collector, musician, and modernist composer. He was an authority on early New Orleans-style jazz, and the founder of American Music Records.
Scope and Content: This series is made up of William Russell's vertical files, kept on a wide rage of topics, including individual jazz musicians such as Sidney Bechet and Duke Ellington, music forms related to jazz such as the blues and "St. Louis Ragtime", and historical research about New Orleans, especially the District, and other cities. The bulk of the collection is clippings Russell gathered from sources as varied as local newspapers and The Black Panther. Russell also saved correspondence, musch of it containing biographical information about musicians he was writing about and about recording dates. Other items of interest include photographs of Louis Armstrong (Armstrong is the largest section of the Jazz Files), two cabaret licenses from 1851, two prostitution licenses from 1857, and Mardi Gras proclamations signed by King Zulu 1965, Milton Bienamee. There are also files of musicians' business cards, of claendars, and of photographs by E. J. Bellocq. Scattered throughout the different topics are programs and other ephemera, including sheet music.
Arrangement: The files are arranged as William Russell had them in his filing cabinet, separated by topic, with the topics in alphabetical order. One change has been made: Russell originally had the files divided into legal and letter size folders. These have been merged by the Historic New Orleans Collection.
Notes: The William Russell Jazz Files Series, MSS 536, Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection.
Finding Aid: Item-level PDF finding aid is available online.
Restrictions: Researchers may be limited to consulting one or two items at a time, per the discretion of the Reading Room staff.
Reproduction of original documents, when permitted, must be performed by the Williams Research Center staff.
Performing rights for the music in this collection are reserved by the copyright holders of record.
Requesting: Please provide the reference staff with the manuscript call number and folder number.
Collection Theme(s): Jazz
Local Life and Customs
Subjects: Albert, Don, 1908-1980 -- More information
Alcorn, Alvin, 1912-
Alexander Jr., Adolphe
Alexis, Ricard
Allen, Henry, 1908-1967 -- More information
Ammons, Albert, 1907-1949 -- More information
Arlington, Josie
Armstrong, Lil Hardin, 1902-1971
Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971 -- More information
Arodin, Sidney, 1901-1948 -- More information
Asch, Moses
Barbarin, Isidore, 1872-1960 -- More information
Barker, Blue Lou
Barker, Danny
Barnes, Emile, 1892-
Barnes, Paul, 1901-1981 -- More information
Basie, Count, 1904-
Baudac, Ray
Bedou, Arthur P.
Bigard, Alex, 1899-1978
Bocage, Peter, 1887-1967 -- More information
Bolden, Buddy, 1877-1931 -- More information
Bonano, Sharkey
Braud, Wellman
Brazley, Harrison
Broonzy, Big Bill, 1893-1958
Brown, Ton, 1888-1958
Brunies, Henry
Brunies, Richard, 1889-1958
Brunies, Rudy
Brunious, John
Brunis, George, 1900-1974
Burbank, Albert
Burke, Ray, 1904-1986
Celestin, Papa, 1884-1954
Christian, Emile, 1895-1973 -- More information
Clayton, Kid
Collins, Ralph -- More information
Condon, Eddie, 1905-1973 -- More information
Cook, Ann, 1905-1973
Cook, Will Marion
Cottrell, Louis, 1875-1927
Crawford, Paul
Dejan, Harold
Demond, Frank
Dodds, Johnny, 1892-1940 -- More information
Dolliole, Milford
Dollis, Bo
Duhe, Lawrence C.
Dumaine, Louis
Edegran, Lars, 1944-
Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974 -- More information
Ferbos, Lionel
Fishelson, Julie -- More information
Foster, Chinee, 1900-1962 -- More information
foster, Pops, 1892-1969 -- More information
Frazier, Josiah
French, Albert, 1910-1977
Gillespie, Dizzy, d. 1969
Goldston, Christopher
Goodman, Benny, 1909-
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau, 1829-1869 -- More information
Guesnon, George
Hampton, Lionel
Handy, John, 1900-1971 -- More information
Handy, W. C., 1873-1958
Hazel, Monk, 1903-1968 -- More information
Henry, Charles, 1885-1960 -- More information
Hodes, Art, 1904-
Howard, Darnell
Humphrey, Earl, 1902-1971 -- More information
Humphrey, Percy, 1905-
Humphrey, Willie, 1880-1964
Hunter, Alberta
Jackson, Tony, 1876-1921 -- More information
James, Harry, 1916-
Jefferson, Thomas, b. ca. 1923
Johnson, Bunk, 1879-1949 -- More information
Johnson, Noon, 1903-1969
Joseph, Papa John
Kellin, Orange, 1944-
Kelly, Chris
Keppard, Freddie, 1890-1933 -- More information
Keppard, Louis, 1888-1986 -- More information
Krupa, Gene, 1909-1973
Lacoume, Emile
Ladnier, Tommy
Laine, Jack
LaRocca, Nick
Leadbelly, 1885-1949 -- More information
Lewis, Al
Lewis, Meade, 1905-1964 -- More information
Lomax, Alan, 1915-
Professor Longhair, 1918-1980 -- More information
Madison, Kid Shots, 1889-1948
Manone, Wingy
Marquis, Donald M., 1933
Marrero, Lawrence, 1900-1959 -- More information
Martin Sr., Chink, 1886-1981
Martin, Sara, 1884-1955 -- More information
McPartland, Jimmy, 1907-1991
Miles, Lizzie
Morgan, Andrew
Murphy, Turk
Nichols, Red
Oliver, King, 1885-1938 -- More information
Ory, Kid, 1886-1973 -- More information
Penn, Sammy
Pichon, Walter "Fats"
Piron, Armand J., 1888-1943 -- More information
Prima, Louis, 1910-1978 -- More information
Rainey, Ma, 1886-1939 -- More information
Rockmore, Noel, 1928-
Robichaux, John P., 1886-1939
St. Cyr, Johnny, 1890-1966 -- More information
Seeger, Pete, 1919-
Kid Sheik
Smith, Bessie, 1898?-1937
Souchon, Edmond
Spanier, Muggsy, 1906-1967 -- More information
Taylor, Jasper, 1894-1964 -- More information
Teagarden, Jack, 1905-1964 -- More information
Thomas, Kid, 1896-
Thomas, Worthia, 1907-
Tio, Lorenzo, 1893-1933 -- More information
Vidacovich, Pinky
Walters, Albert, 1905-1980
Williams, Abby, 1906-1977
Wilson, Clive
Muddy Waters, 1915-
Yancey, Estella
American Music Records -- More information
Louis Armstrong's Hot Five (Musical group)
Eureka Brass Band -- More information
French Opera House (New Orleans, La.) -- More information
Grunewald School of Music
Hall Brothers Jazz Band -- More information
New Orleans Jazz Club -- More information
New Orleans Jazz Museum -- More information
Dejan's Olympia Brass Band
Onward Brass Band -- More information
Original Dixieland Jazz Band -- More information
Preservation Hall (New Orleans, La.)
Tulane University -- More information
Young Tuxedo Brass Band -- More information
Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club -- More information
New Orleans (La.)
Chicago (Ill.)
Kansas City (Mo.)
Saint Louis (Mo.)
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Funeral music
Carnival -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Blues (Music).
Folk Music -- United States.
Boogie woogie (Music).
Brass bands -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
River boats.
Smoky Mary (train).
African Americans -- Louisiana -- Social conditions -- 20th century.
Civil rights -- Southern States.
Ragtime music.
Swing (Music).
Race relations.
Jazz musicians
Lower Level Records: MSS 536.1; Subseries 1: (Miscel) A, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.2; Subseries 2: Armstrong, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.3; Subseries 3: B. Miscel., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.4; Subseries 4: Beale Street, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.5; Subseries 5: Sidney Bechet, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.6; Subseries 6: E. J. Bellocq, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.7; Subseries 7: Hamp Benson, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.8; Subseries 8: Tom Bethell, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.9; Subseries 9: Blind Tom Bethune, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.10; Subseries 10: Big Eye, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.11; Subseries 11: Blues and Folk Music, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.12; Subseries 12: Bolden, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.13; Subseries 13: Boogie Woogie, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.14; Subseries 14: Brass Bands, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.15; Subseries 15: Tom Brown, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.16; Subseries 16: Brunies Bros., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.17; Subseries 17: Bucktown, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.18; Subseries 18: C. Miscel., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.19; Subseries 19: Calendars, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.20; Subseries 20: California Notes, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.21; Subseries 21: Cards, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.22; Subseries 22: Mutt Carey, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.23; Subseries 23: Carrollton, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.24; Subseries 24: Celestin Band, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.25; Subseries 25: Chicago, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.26; Subseries 26: Clarinet, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.27; Subseries 27: Clarinet (E. K.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.28; Subseries 28: Clubs, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.29; Subseries 29: Cornet vs. Trumpet, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.30; Subseries 30: Dave Crawford, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.31; Subseries 31: Ralston Crawford, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.32; Subseries 32: D. Miscel., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.33; Subseries 33: Dances, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.34; Subseries 34: Miles Davis, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.35; Subseries 35: District, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.36; Subseries 36: L. Duhé, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.37; Subseries 37: E, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.38; Subseries 38: Early New Orleans Music, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.39; Subseries 39: Duke Ellington, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.40; Subseries 40: Eureka Band, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.41; Subseries 41: F, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.42; Subseries 42: Chinee Foster, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.43; Subseries 43: G, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.44; Subseries 44: Albert Glenny, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.45; Subseries 45: H (miscel.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.46; Subseries 46: Halls, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.47; Subseries 47: Earl Hines, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.48; Subseries 48: Indians (Mardi Gras), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.49; Subseries 49: J (Miscel.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.50; Subseries 50: Tony Jackson, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.51; Subseries 51: Jazz Clippings - General (Non New Orleans), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.52; Subseries 52: Bill Johnson folder, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.53; Subseries 53: Kansas City Scene, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.54; Subseries 54: Chris Kelly, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.55; Subseries 55: Louis and Freddie Keppard, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.56; Subseries 56: L Miscel., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.57; Subseries 57: Tommy Ladnier, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.58; Subseries 58: Jack Laine, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.59; Subseries 59: George Lewis, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.60; Subseries 60: Meade "Lux" Lewis, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.61; Subseries 61: M (Miscel), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.62; Subseries 62: Miscellaneous, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.63; Subseries 63: Magnolia Plantation, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.64; Subseries 64: Mardi Gras, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.65; Subseries 65: Chink Martin, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.66; Subseries 66: Lizzie Miles, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.67; Subseries 67: Milneburg and Smoky Mary, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.68; Subseries 68: Turk Murphy, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.69; Subseries 69: Louis Nelson, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.70; Subseries 70: New Orleans Jazz and History, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.71; Subseries 71: New Orleans Jazz Club and Museum, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.72; Subseries 72: Wooden Joe Nicholas, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.73; Subseries 73: Jimmie Noone, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.74; Subseries 74: O (Miscel.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.75; Subseries 75: Obits, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.76; Subseries 76: King Oliver, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.77; Subseries 77: One Mo' Time, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.78; Subseries 78: Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.79; Subseries 79: P. (Miscel.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.80; Subseries 80: "Knocky" Parker, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.81; Subseries 81: Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.82; Subseries 82: Alphonse Picou, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.83; Subseries 83: Billie & DeDe Pierce, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.84; Subseries 84: Piron, Armand J., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.85; Subseries 85: Preservation Hall, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.86; Subseries 86: Punch, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.87; Subseries 87: R. (Misc.), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.88; Subseries 88: Race Relations in La., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.89; Subseries 89: Riverboats, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.90; Subseries 90: Zue Robertson, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.91; Subseries 91: Rock ’n’ Roll Bands, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.92; Subseries 92: Rockmore Book, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.93; Subseries 93: Russell, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.94; Subseries 94: S (Miscel), Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.95; Subseries 95: St. Louis Ragtime, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.96; Subseries 96: St. Louis Research, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.97; Subseries 97: Saxophone, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.98; Subseries 98: Emanuel Sayles, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.99; Subseries 99: "Happy" (Geo.) Schilling, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.100; Subseries 100: Sharkey, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.101; Subseries 101: Muggsy Spanier, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.102; Subseries 102: Spirituals to Swing, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.103; Subseries 103: T Miscel., Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.104; Subseries 104: Teagarden, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.105; Subseries 105: Charles Thompson, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.106; Subseries 106: Tulane U. Jazz Archives, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.107; Subseries 107: V, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.108; Subseries 108: Vaudeville and Theatre, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.109; Subseries 109: W, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.110; Subseries 110: Clarence Williams, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.111; Subseries 111: Yancey, Sub-series Level.
MSS 536.112; Subseries 112: Zulu Club, Sub-series Level.
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