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Jelly Roll Morton Book Photographic Collection.

Higher Level Record: MSS 500
Call Number: MSS 508
Title: Jelly Roll Morton Book Photographic Collection.
Creator: Russell, William, 1905-1992 (collector)
Rosenberg, Sam (photographer)
Schiedt, Duncan P. (photographer)
Krencik, Frank (photographer)
Souchon II, Dr. Edmond (photographer)
Brown, Mark (photographer)
Tolbert, Richard W. (Photographer)
Adelman, Skippy (photographer)
Rose, Al (Photographer)
Friedlander, Lee (author)
Marks, Grauman (photographer)
Layher, Dan (Photographer)
Avery, Ray (Photographer)
Carew, Roy (Photographer)
Williams, Eugene (Photographer)
Cahn, Jules (Photographer)
Franck, Charles L. (Photographer)
Kriegsmann, James J. (Photographer)
Fishelson, Julie (Photographer)
Crawford, Ralston (Photographer)
Allen, Richard B. (Photographer)
Kuhlman, John E. (Photographer)
Baldwin, Mark (Photographer)
Drob, Harold (Photographer)
Levin, Lucille (Photographer)
Fehring, Raymond (Photographer)
Date of Creation: 1871-1990
Predominant Dates: 1946-1952
Extent: 560 items
Object Name: photographic prints
business cards
Collection Type: Archival & Special Collections
Language: English
Biography/History: Born Russell William Wagner, Bill Russell (1905-1992) was an American music historian, collector, musician, and modernist composer. He was an authority on early New Orleans-style jazz, and the founder of American Music Records.
Scope and Content: This series is made up of photographs William Russell was considering using in his planned book about Jelly Roll Morton. It includes photographs of nightclubs, dance halls and other jazz venues, of places where Morton lived, of the people interviewed for the book, and of the people discussed in these interviews. Among the subjects of photographs are Morton himself, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, Bunk Johnson, Butch Thompson, Tony Jackson, and others. The collection also includes a small number of musicians’ business cards and a few postcards of places associated with Morton.
Arrangement: Arrangement: Alphabetically by subject of photograph.
Title Note: William Russell Jazz Collection
Notes: Jelly Roll Morton Book Photographic Collection Series, William Russell Jazz Collection, MSS 508, Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection.
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Collection Theme(s): Jazz
Subjects: Amacker, Frank
Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971.
Johnson, James P., 1894-1955.
Barbarin, Paul, 1899-1969 -- More information
Basie, Count, 1904-
Bertrand, Buddy
Rushing, Jimmy
Bigard, Barney
Blake, Eubie, 1883-
Bourgeau, Joseph, 1891-1975.
Braud, Wellman
Dominique, Natty
Nelson, Big Eye Louis, d. 1949.
Spanier, Muggsy, 1906-1967.
DeFaut, Volly, 1904-
Colas, Amide
Collins, Lee, 1901-1960.
Crawley, Wilton -- More information
Davis, Sam, b. 1885
DeParis, Wilbur
Desdume, Mamie -- More information
Dodds, Baby, 1894-1959.
Marrero, Lawrence, 1900-1959.
Elgar, Charles, 1885-1973.
Simeon, Omer, 1902-1959.
Jones, Teenan
Ewell, Don
Fogarty, John J., 1865-1925$cJudge.
Garland, Ed
Garrison, Ben -- More information
Goldston, Christopher
Gonzales, Anita
Guesnon, George
Higginbotham, Jay, 1906-1973.
Howard, Paul, 1895-1980 -- More information
Humphrey, Willie, 1900-1994.
Jackson, Preston
Jackson, Tony, 1876-1921 -- More information
Johnson, Bunk, 1879-1949.
Johnson, Dink, 1892-1954.
Jones, Clifford $c drummer.
Keppard, Freddie, 1890-1933.
Levin, Floyd
McBride, Billy
McBride, Mary
Manetta, Manuel, 1889-1969.
Martin, Chink, 1886-1981.
Matthews, Artie, 1888-1958.
McClanahan, Preston, 1933-
Mitchell, George, 1899-1972.
Monetta, Laura
Morton, Jelly Roll, d. 1941.
Brown, Rosa
Hilaire, Andrew
Lindsay, John, 1894-1950.
St. Cyr, Johnny, 1890-1966.
Baquet, George, 1883-1949.
Laws, William
Thomas, Walter, 1907-1981.
Thomas, Joe, 1908-
Barnes, Paul, 1901-1981.
Irvis, Charlie, 1899-1939.
Rossiter, Red
Lim, Harry, 1919-
Smith, Stephen W.
Nicholas, Albert, 1900-
Bolden, Charles $cJr.
Nickerson, W. J. -- More information
Oliver, King, 1885-1938.
Pachmann, Vladimir de, 1848-1933.
Palmer, Roy, 1892-1963.
Miller, Punch, 1894-1971.
Robert, Luckey, 1887-1968.
Robertson, Zue
Rogers, Hattie
Wiggs, Johnny
Mares, Joe, 1908-
Smith, Charles Edward
Ramsey, Frederic, 1915-
Scott, Bud, 1890-1949.
Singleton, Zutty, 1898-1975.
Singleton, Marge Creath -- More information
Smith, Harrison, 1895-1980.
Smith, Willie, 1897-1973.
Spanier, Muggsy, 1906-1967.
Wettling, George, 1907-1968.
Stacy, Jess, 1904-
Spikes, Reb, 1888-1982.
LaCoume, Emile
Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917.
Stuart, David, 1911-1984.
Taylor, Billy, 1921-
Thompson, Butch
Walker, Mike
Williams, J. Mayo
Wynn, Albert, 1907-
Montgomery, Little Brother, 1906-
Young, Trummy
Gurra, Buddy
Kid Howard
Barker, Danny
Brunis, George, 1900-1974.
Snyder, Frank
Pettis, Jack, 1902-
Shobel, Elmer
Roppolo, Leon, 1902-1943.
Mares, Paul, 1900-1949.
Loyacano, Arnold
Colburn, Bill -- More information
MacIntyre, Hal
Tamony, Peter
Watters, Lu
Lenz, Ted
Heinz, John G. -- More information
Barbarin, Louis
Zardis, Chester, 1900-
Cagnolotti, Ernie
Robinson, Ikey, 1904-
McKinrick, Mike
Williams, Clarence, 1893-1965 -- More information
Woodman, Willie, 1919-
Music Box (Washington, D.C.)
Big 25 Club (New Orleans, La.)
Bucktown Five (Musical group)
Cadallic (Music-hall : Los Angeles, Calif.)
Dink's Place (Music-hall)
Eagle Band (Musical group)
Elgar's Entertainers (Musical group)
Charles Elgar Orchestra
Wisconsin Roof Garden (Music-hall : Milwaukee, Wis.)
Elks (Fraternal order) -- More information
Frank Early's Cafe
Great Southern Hotel (Gulfport, Miss.)
H.R.S. Record Shop
Jaz-E-Saz Band (Musical group)
Jazz Man Record Shop (Hollywood, Calif.)
Red Hot Peppers (Musical group) -- More information
Jelly Roll Morton Group (Musical group)
Musician's Cafe (Music-hall: Los Angeles, Calif.)
Punch Miller and His Bunch (Musical group)
Red Onion (Music-hall : New Orleans, La.)
Rhythm Club (Music-hall : New York, N.Y.)
St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church (New Orleans, La.)
Sheep's Restaurant (New Orleans, La.)
Stalebread's Spasm Band (Musical group)
U. S. Grant Hotel (San Diego, Calif.)
Warwick Hall (Music-hall : Chicago, Ill.)
Quirella's Pier (Music-hall : New Orleans, La.)
David Crockett Fire Company No. 1 (Gretna, La.)
Knights of Columbus Hall (Gretna, La.)
Wolves' Aid, Social and Pleasure Club (Gretna, La.)
Olivier Guest House Hotel (New Orleans, La.)
King Oliver Centennial Band (Musical group)
Paul Barbarin's Jazz Band (Musical group)
Gallier House (Museum : New Orleans, La.)
Rose Danceland (New York, N.Y.)
St. Joseph's Academy (New Orleans, La.)
Small's Paradise (New York, N.Y.)
St. Joseph's Church (New Orleans, La.)
French Market (New Orleans, La.)
Lafayette Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Orleans Pleasure Club (New Orleans, la.)
St. Aloysius Church (New York, N.Y.)
Tom Anderson's Arlington Annex (New Orleans, La.)
Lake Pearl Dance Hall
Original Creole Orchestra (Musical group)
Ikey Robinson Trio (Musical group)
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival -- More information
Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Chicago (Ill.)
New Orleans (La.)
San Franciso (Calif.)
New York (N.Y.)
Atlantic City (N. J.)
Washington (D.C.)
Los Angeles (Calif.)
Gretna (La.)
Music -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Dwellings -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Lighthouses -- Gulf Coast (U.S)
Steamboats -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Levees -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Cemeteries -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Funeral rites and ceremonies -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Hotels, taverns, etc. -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Jazz music -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Jazz musicians
Afro-American musicians
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