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40 photographs of the Dubudet family

ID Number: 1985.235.1-40
Title: 40 photographs of the Dubudet family
Title Type: assigned
Item Status: Permanent Collection     Legal Status: Permanent Collection
Object Name: photographic prints
collections (object groupings)
Collection Type: Photography
Artist/Maker: Miner, Nancy Ewing (photographic printmaker) -- More information
Date: 1982 October
Process/Technique: Photoprints
Object Description Portraits and residence of African-American Creole family.
Extent: 0
Collection Theme(s): Social History
Related Works:
Medium: Negatives
Lower Level Records: 1985.235.1; Odette and Noami Dubuclet
1985.235.2; Unidentified child
1985.235.3; Vituria Dubuclet
1985.235.4; Vituria Dubuclet
1985.235.5; Vituria Dubuclet
1985.235.6; Vituria Dubuclet
1985.235.7; Vituria Dubuclet
1985.235.8; Vituria and Pierre Dubuclet
1985.235.9; Pierre Dubuclet
1985.235.10; Assita Dubuclet
1985.235.11; Assita Dubuclet (?)
1985.235.12; Assita Dubuclet
1985.235.13; Assita Dubuclet
1985.235.14; Assita Dubuclet
1985.235.15; Assita Dubuclet and mother
1985.235.16; Mother of Assita Dubuclet
1985.235.17; Blanche Hubeau Castagnola
1985.235.18; Assita Dubuclet's mother
1985.235.19; Rene and Assita Dubuclet Grandjean
1985.235.20; Rene and Assita Dubuclet Grandjean
1985.235.21; Rene Grandjean
1985.235.22; Rene Grandjean
1985.235.23; Rene Grandjean
1985.235.24; Francois Dubuclet
1985.235.25; Francois Dubuclet
1985.235.26; Three unidentified portraits
1985.235.27; Laurent Dubuclet
1985.235.28; Laurent Dubuclet
1985.235.29; Father of Rene Grandjean
1985.235.30; Blanche Hubeau Castagnola
1985.235.31; Blanche Hubeau Castagnola
1985.235.32; Blanche Hubeau Castagnola
1985.235.33; Mme. Loquet
1985.235.34; Polard P. Dubuclet
1985.235.35; Johnson and Ursuline Streets
1985.235.36; Johnson and Ursuline Streets: Francois Dubuclet home
1985.235.37; Johnson and Ursuline Streets
1985.235.38; Backyard of Dubuclet home
1985.235.39; View from back window of Dubuclet home

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