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Beilage New Orleanser Deutsche Zeitung, 31, Aug. 1902

ID Number: 1974.25.27.514 a,b
Title: Beilage New Orleanser Deutsche Zeitung, 31, Aug. 1902
Title Type: inscribed
Item Status: Permanent Collection     Legal Status: Permanent Collection
Object Name: posters
Collection Type: Prints and Printmaking
Artist/Maker: Allied Printing (printer) -- More information
Date: 1902 August 31
Process/Technique: printing processes
Materials: printing ink
printing paper
Dimensions: 28 x 19 3/8 inches
Object Description Supplement to the August 31, 1902 issue of the New Orleans newspaper, Deutsche Zeitung, portraying 57 well-known German Americans, including Emile F. Del Bondio, G. Ad. Blaffer, Leopold Levy, J. Hanno Deiler, Lawrence Fabacher, Chas. Bedell, H. F. Bultmann, Fred Meuller, Joseph Reuther, Sal. Marx, Albert P. Noll, Maximilian Hambacher, John D. Burghardt, Guy Van W. Lyman, Charles F. Buck, Peter Hellwege, Jos. A. Zimmerman, Frank Zengel, Jules G. Koenig, Wm. Frank, Chas. Stumpf, Joseph Voegtle, Albert Weiblen, Jos. Steckler, J. Hassinger, Chas. Babst, Henry Reininger, Jos. A. Schindler, David Bernhardt, George Herbert, Jos. Friedrich, A.G. Ricks, J. Paul Hecker, Max Weil, Gustave Seeger, E Goek, Julius Kock, Henry Armbruster, Emil Dieth, Emil Hoehn, Chas. Wirth, Chas. Schenck, Eugene F. Buhler, Jakob Schoen, Fred Dudenhefer, Ernst Freiherr von Meysenburgh, Conrad Kolb, Albert Heim, Otto T. Maier, Chris. Reuter, Chas. Mattern, Henry Lochte, Henry Stoll, Conrad Albert, Frederick M. Webert, G. Moses.
Extent: 1 item
Acq. Credit Line: The Historic New Orleans Collection
Collection Theme(s): Germans
Subjects: German Americans -- Louisiana -- New Orleans.
Deiler, J. Hanno, 1849-1909 -- More information
Fabacher, Lawrence, 1863-1923 -- More information
Buck, Charles Francis, 1841-1918 -- More information
Weiblen, Albert, 1857-1957 -- More information
Koch, Julius, 1857-1919 -- More information
Kolb, Conrad, 1874-1938 -- More information
Moses, Gustave

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